Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine's show

I've been wanting to put together another concert at the Noni auditorium for a while now. I loved playing there at my CD Release concert. So...without further ado...I'm doing it. Two days after Valentine's Day, I will be performing a "low lights and love songs" themed concert with the band at the Tahitian Noni Auditorium. That's Brandon Cummings on the drums, Trevor Gorton on the bass, and John Kovalenko the violin. (Those of you who haven't seen John play with me yet are in for a major treat.)

We'll be giving away "romance prizes" throughout the evening to concert goers. We'll have drawings for multiples prizes, including a dinner for two at Magleby's restaurant, a Swedish massage, European facial, and cut/color from Katumba's salon in Orem, and other great prizes. Buy your tickets right here online and you'll get one free for every one you buy. Tickets won't be shipped to you. You can pick them up the night of the show at Will Call.

And, as a long-time veteran of Singles Awareness Day, I can empathize with the Singles among us. I will play some just for you.

I'm also very excited to have the amazing Russ Dixon (of the band Colors) joining us for the evening. Russ is one of my favorite people. You don't want to miss him.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a new year

Well, it's time to bid adieu to one heck of a fantastic year. 2007 will go down in history as one of the best on record. But I am looking forward to 2008. I'm already doing more songwriting than usual because I've made the commitment to write at least one a month. So far I've done quite well. I'm working on a new idea right now that I'm quite excited about. I'm looking forward to exploring the possibilities.

Right now it's bleak midwinter in Utah and it's snowing. To quote Christina Rossetti, "Snow on snow. Snow on snow." I think I whined about snow in my last entry...but I'm not finished. I wouldn't mind snow so much if I didn't have to drive in it. My boyfriend tells me that if I had an Audi Quattro, my driving in the snow woes would be over. I can dream. I won't tell my Chevy Cavalier because he'd get jealous and start complaining about all his battle scars and snooty German engineering.

I'm looking forward to my show in February. It's at the Tahitian Noni auditorium where I held my CD Release concert. (Some people get confused and think it's the Noni building off I-15 near American Fork. Nope, that is their factory. This is in their corporate building in Provo near the Riverwoods.) The show is on the 16th, two days after Valentines. I planned it that way on purpose...because need to take your girls to a concert. Seriously. And singles...what better way to forget than to immerse yourself in music.

More on the show later.