Monday, July 14, 2008

Folk Fest, children's book

Well, if you read the News page you'll see that this has been a very exciting weekend for me. On Friday I was informed that I was selected as one of the Top Ten finalists at Telluride's Rocky Mtn. Folks Festival. They have a songwriter showcase each year. Ten songwriters perform and a winner is chosen. The winner gets to play the main stage the next year. If you haven't heard of this Fest, it's one of the biggest in the country...or probably the world for that matter. A few artists I respect very much are headlining this year: KT Tunstall, Patty Griffin, and Nanci well as last year's winner Sarah Sample (she used to be a local). Check out for more info on the Fest. Anywho, I'm extremely excited.

Also, a friend of mine, Sandra Tayler, has just published a fantastic children's book I think you should take a look at. It's called Hold on to Your Horses. It's a story about a little girl whose creative ideas run wild and constantly get her into trouble. Her mother comes up with an imaginative way to help her reign her ideas in. I know a lot of high energy, highly creative kids who can definitely relate. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and Sandra and Angela Call (the illustrator) have given you two options for owning this book. You can download a free PDF of the book in the website (linked above) OR you can buy a copy of the book there as well. To truly do these fantastic drawings justice, I think you'll want to own it.

One of the things I love about what I do is how many people from the artistic community I get to meet and create friendships with. I think we should all share in our creativity.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i loves joolye

I loves me some sweet Joo-lye in the mornin'. Tomorrow (the 3rd) I will be playing at Provo's Freedom Festival. This will be my...let me calculate...seventh or eighth straight year playing the Festival. I think it was one of the first shows I ever played back when I was young, bright eyed, and bushy tailed. (Oh, and I had mermaid braids and I wore one of my mom's flower shirts from the 60's. Good times.) The Fest IS summer for me. I don't know how I'd survive without the smell of toasted almonds and funnel cake. And the heat...oh the heat.

Independence Day is on Friday, in case you didn't know. (Pssst. It's the same as the 4th of July. I know, weird, huh?) I have many veterans in my life to thank for the freedom to smell toasted almonds and funnel cake...and wear bad wardrobe choices on stage. My mom's dad was a pilot in WWII and was shot down over Germany when she was six months old. My mom's stepdad (who I always knew as Grandpa) also served. I have a brother-in-law in the Air National Guard, cousins in the Navy, and many other friends and acquaintances who are serving or have served this country. This country is a phenomenon and you make it possible. Thank you. Sincerely. Thank you.