Monday, March 10, 2008

daylight robbery

Someone stole an hour of sleep from me...and I want it back!

Last week I did a little road trip up to Moscow for a gig. Moscow, Idaho that is. Gotcha. I'm hilarious. The gig was at the University of Idaho which is the home of one of the country's most prestigious jazz festivals. The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. I missed the fest by a couple weeks...sadly...but there were plenty of other things in Moscow to entertain me. Like...uh...there was a Jack in the Box...and...I think I saw a hawk....maybe not. It was nice to get out though. We were even greeted by an Idaho State Trooper! He told us not to drive so fast and told me to break a leg at the show. I didn't. Oh, and then he told me I look like Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan? I mean...really.
All kidding aside, thanks to Vandal Entertainment with the University of Idaho for bringing me out! They treated me like the queen of America and were extremely accommodating. Thank you! It was truly a pleasure.

I'm working on a song right now but I'm agonizing over the usual.