Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas show

I am so looking forward to this show. I love playing Christmas music even more than I enjoy playing my own songs. I've asked Mindy Arrington to join me. She is an amazing violinist I met while working on the hymn project I was a part of in October. And rumor is...we may even have a cellist join us. I hope that rumor is true. Can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

crappy blog updater

So...this one time...I had a blog on my website. And I kept forgetting about it so I never posted on it. THE END.

Also I'm pretty sure no one reads it anyway.

But guess what?
I actually have something to write about. I just finished a weekend in the studio with the finest bunch of musicians you ever did see. We were recording an album (actually several albums worth) of old hymns and spirituals LIVE in the studio. I've seriously never had so much fun in all of my life. I mean...human interaction...plus music? How cool is that? I feel blessed to have been a part of it. More details later.

In the meantime...
I was part of a
different album of hymns that was just released by the same producer, the almost uncannily talented Scott Wiley. It's called "Nearer: A New Collection of Favorite Hymns. Some of these versions are so great. I really like this album and not just because they let me sing on it. I think you can buy it on iTunes but you can definitely buy it here. This is what the cover looks like:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Clutzy McClutzerson

Yesterday as I was attempting to paint my toenails, I knocked my brand new bottle of nail polish on the floor. The top shattered when it hit the floor and splattered maroon polish all over the bathroom. As I was cleaning the mess up with nail polish remover, I accidentally knocked the open bottle of remover off of the sink and all over the floor.

Please don't ask me to hold your grandma's prized punch bowl or anything, k?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a thought

Yesterday I went to a book signing of a friend and one of my very favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson. His latest book Warbreaker came out on Tuesday. Since he offered the book as a free PDF on his website before it was published (with approval from his publisher Tor), I had already read it, loved it, and have been eagerly awaiting its publication with new scenes included. (More about the book, including where to buy it here. If you're interested in buying it online, here is the Amazon link.) If you haven't heard of Brandon, you probably soon will. He is writing the concluding two novels of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, at the request of Jordan's widow. Yeah, for you fellow nerds who know what I'm talking about, that's a big deal.

As I left the signing, freshly marked book in hand, I got to thinking. Why can't the world of music be more like the world of books? In the world of literature, more emphasis is placed on the work, and less on the author. In the music business, it's all about the artist...and the songs are secondary. Why is that? Food for thought...and discussion.

Monday, February 16, 2009

my other life

In another life I am not so much a musician as a science fiction and fantasy nerd. Asimov, Heinlein, Card, Bujold, Tolkien, Rowling, Bradbury, Herbert, Dick, Whedon, Sanderson...you name it. I devour it. I have been writing short stories in the aforementioned genres since I first learned to write in the first grade. I have been reading the stuff since about the same time. I still get as giddy and excited about a good novel as I did when I was a kid. There is never a book far away from my hand...and I have about ten of them currently piled around my bed. That said, I recently saw an advertisement for a local sci fi/fantasy publication and I decided that I am going to submit one of my short stories. So I am dusting off and revising a story I wrote a couple years ago.

I've been listening to the Fleet Foxes CD non-stop in my car for the past few days. Love them.

Friday, January 30, 2009

my new toy

My latest musical instrument is a cajón. It's my new percussion joy/toy/box of awesomeness. By all accounts, it is a box...with a hole in it. But no ordinary box makes such extraordinary sounds. Mine was hand-built and custom made for me by a master wood worker...and I love it. Its fine sound was already put to use in a recording for Stephanie Smith. I stirred on it with some wire brushes. If that means anything to you, congratulations. Here is a video of me playing it with my hands for Steph's song "Until Then" at a benefit concert. This link is to a Facebook video so it may or may not work for you. Clicky! Whew, talk about a head rush. I feel like a head-banging rock star when I play it. I also may or may not have the ability to get you your own custom-made cajon from this master wood worker. Hmmm...that was cryptic. I'll be clearer. Yes, I do have that ability. Message me. I love this little box.

I am looking forward to attending the Mindy Gledhill/Thrillionaires benefit concert for Nie this Monday at The Covey Arts Center. You should go.