Wednesday, October 14, 2009

crappy blog updater

So...this one time...I had a blog on my website. And I kept forgetting about it so I never posted on it. THE END.

Also I'm pretty sure no one reads it anyway.

But guess what?
I actually have something to write about. I just finished a weekend in the studio with the finest bunch of musicians you ever did see. We were recording an album (actually several albums worth) of old hymns and spirituals LIVE in the studio. I've seriously never had so much fun in all of my life. I mean...human music? How cool is that? I feel blessed to have been a part of it. More details later.

In the meantime...
I was part of a
different album of hymns that was just released by the same producer, the almost uncannily talented Scott Wiley. It's called "Nearer: A New Collection of Favorite Hymns. Some of these versions are so great. I really like this album and not just because they let me sing on it. I think you can buy it on iTunes but you can definitely buy it here. This is what the cover looks like: