Friday, January 30, 2009

my new toy

My latest musical instrument is a cajón. It's my new percussion joy/toy/box of awesomeness. By all accounts, it is a box...with a hole in it. But no ordinary box makes such extraordinary sounds. Mine was hand-built and custom made for me by a master wood worker...and I love it. Its fine sound was already put to use in a recording for Stephanie Smith. I stirred on it with some wire brushes. If that means anything to you, congratulations. Here is a video of me playing it with my hands for Steph's song "Until Then" at a benefit concert. This link is to a Facebook video so it may or may not work for you. Clicky! Whew, talk about a head rush. I feel like a head-banging rock star when I play it. I also may or may not have the ability to get you your own custom-made cajon from this master wood worker. Hmmm...that was cryptic. I'll be clearer. Yes, I do have that ability. Message me. I love this little box.

I am looking forward to attending the Mindy Gledhill/Thrillionaires benefit concert for Nie this Monday at The Covey Arts Center. You should go.