Tuesday, June 1, 2010

EP on the way

I may have mentioned in previous posts that in I'm going start recording an EP. What was originally scheduled for the last week of May has been pushed until mid-June. Scott Wiley will be producing it.

Scott Wiley is a freakin' genius. I've been wanting to work with him since I was a bright-eyed 16 year old kid hanging out at his studio because my friend Andy worked as his assistant engineer. Although we've discussed working together in the past, it never really worked out until now. I've worked on a few things here and there with Scott (including this, this, and this to name a few) but never any of my own stuff. But starting mid-June we'll head into the studio with an all-star group of musicians to record a live studio album. "Live" meaning we won't be over-dubbing a bunch of stuff like most regular albums. What you hear will have been played live in the same take by musicians that will blow your socks off. I mean, look at this list: Paul Jacobsen, Dustin Christensen, Ryan Tanner, Pat Campbell, Ryan Tilby, Nate Pyfer, Dylan Schorer, Brian Hardy, Stephanie Mabey...I might have missed someone. Hopefully this will give the EP a raw, intimate vibe. There isn't an adjective that adequately describes my excitement.

Anyhoo, to prepare to make this EP the best that it can be I've been working on some new material. Stephanie Mabey and I have co-written a song that I'm super excited about. I'm also currently working on a co-write with Paul Jacobsen via email. It's an interesting process. It's not finished yet (my fault). But, boy howdy, I'm floored to be writing with Paul.

Want to know what else is rad about this album? Ryan Tanner is designing it and Jed Wells is doing photos. What?! I know. Now all I have to do is not suck.

EDIT: Recording begins June 15th!

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